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  Priest and Parishioners - A message to PArish Priests    
Praying for our primary school families. Helping them to pray together,
stay together and to grow in the love of our Lord and his Church.


A message to Parish Priests about The Wednesday Word Mission

The Wednesday Word consists of two resources that are complementary and whose focus is Christ. Its primary aim is to share the Gospel withthe families in our primary schools (through the school version), many of whom, as you know, do not go to church. It is also the aim to create a national power house of parishprayer to support this outreach (through the parish version).


Statistics tell us that approximately 80% of Catholic school families do not regularly come to church. The primary school version of The Wednesday Word spreads the Gospel to school parents and families and seeks to encourage a weekly Family Time custom and so to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and the Catholic Church. We would be very grateful if you would draw the attention of your local headteacher to The Wednesday Word resource and to our website.


Would you please also support this national mission through your parish prayer. The parish version of The Wednesday Word has been designed to unite our parish communities in prayer with our school families. You may like to consider adopting this version of The Wednesday Word in your own Parish.

The parish version is designed to be distributed at Sunday Mass and contains the following Sunday’s Gospel. In this way parishioners, like the school children and their parents around the country, will be able to pray and reflect on the following Sunday’s Gospel during the course of the week (preferably on a Wednesday) and be in spiritual solidarity with them.

Clearly, regardless of the parish school’s involvement, this Christ-centred parish version of The Wednesday Word provides an excellent way for all parishioners to prepare themselves prayerfully for the proclamation of the following Sunday Gospel.

Please click here
The Wednesday Word parish version

The Wednesday Word parish version is free of charge and can be distributed as a double sided stand-alone leaflet. Alternatively, one or both sides of the resource can be quite easily printed on to the bulletin. To obtain a parish version of The Wednesday Word simply download it from The Wednesday Word parish resource tab on the menu bar which is situated at the left hand side of this page (or click here).

Please take the time to read about the principles and practicalities behind the primary school mission by clicking here and perusing the ‘PROJECT’ & ‘CONTENT’ FAQ sections which can be found on the school menu bar.

Thank you anticipation for your prayer support

The Wednesday Word Trustees

"Go out to the whole world, and proclaim the good news to all creation"

Mark 16:15